Leading the new trend of intelligent office

Beijing Landwell Electron Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, is a technology company, as the core of design, research and development, production of intelligent key management systems.
In August 2020, Keylongest published the first intelligent key management cabinet integrating RFID technology and biometric technology. Its business throughout the world, and attract investment from all over the world.


Keylongest always stick with "intelligent, safe, convenient and delicate" to the key management system, so as to solve the key management problems for small and medium-sized enterprises and lead the new trend of intelligent office.


Create a new concept of smart office key management to become an irreplaceable smart key management technology company in the industry.

Core values

Make a difference.

Advantages and Characteristics of Investment and alliance system

1. Comprehensive brand introduction support, unified VI design, unified promotional activities, unified brand and product culture.

2. Strong supply, product R&D and innovation support.

3. Cooperate with red dot designers to develop customized products and ensure marketization of products.

4. Systematic technical training and professional support.

5. 24 hour "360-degree" marketing customer service system and consultation to ensure the smooth flow of all market services.

Investment and Alliance Policy

1. Accept Keylongest product quality and business philosophy.

2. Possess certain working fund, good management and marketing ability.

3. Undertake the after-sales service in this area.

4. More than 3 persons for marketing and after-sales service and be able to carry out marketing activities independently.

5. With a certain local sales channel resources and have the ability to develop sub-distributors.

6. Email:ab@land-well.com

The concept of "continuous development and meeting customer needs" drives us to innovate, constantly pursuing smart, safe, convenient and exquisite products, and has created a Keylongest that continues to grow.

Join us and create a smart, safe and convenient office space together!